Turning 50, Tattoos, Parties, and Proposals

I think I want to turn 50 every year. Seriously, I have been blown away from the overwhelming affirmation and love from everyone in every part of my life.

So let me share with you a bit of my birthday celebrations…

First, Mani/Pedi’s with my sweet daughter on Saturday.

Then off to the tattoo parlor with my daughter and one of my sons. Yes, I got a tattoo. I’ve been wanting one for a long time. You see, freedom is a huge theme in my life. Freedom from sin. Freedom to fly in the Spirit of God. Freedom from fear of what others think. Freedom from the fear of trying new things. Freedom from the fear of failure. (Hence my word for the year…Brave)

You see, freedom is not just being freed from something. It is freedom toward SOMETHING. Freedom to try. Freedom to feel. Freedom to fail. Freedom to chase the Spirit of God without the bondage of sin. I can run free. Unfettered. Free to fly. To soar in all that God has for me.

I chose the Hebrew word freedom (d@rowr) in Hebrew because not only does it look pretty, it expressed the same sentiment as freedom in Galations 5:1…my life verse. “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.”

Besides all that….I felt it was a brave thing to do. I’m a preacher’s wife. I’m rather chubby. I’m 50. It’s not your typical young person old getting tattoos. But it has meaning for me and I’m so very glad I did it.

Next up, my incredibly sweet husband threw me a party Saturday night. He worked so hard to create a Hawaiian Luau in our backyard. He had tiki lights, twinkly lights, bamboo, etc and it was fantastic! We had a feast of Hawaiian meatballs, ham/cheese sliders, fruits, chips, dips, veggies, and an incredible cake brought by my sister. He had invited family and friends from church and I had so much fun. We ate cake and opened up presents, and then the big moment came.

My husband had me stand up with him and he shared how he had proposed 31 years ago on my birthday. Then he got down on his knee, opened up a little box with a beautiful ring (that my daughter created!), and asked me for another 31 years! Oh the teary eyes…and not just from me! What a blessing my husband is to me. I am spoiled and I love it! (and I said YES!)  😉

Today is my real birthday and when I got to work, I was greeted by sweet students singing Happy Birthday. These students-and staff – were dressed 50’s style! And surrounding my desk were 50 balloons and 4 huge bouquets of flowers that had been brought by the students at my school. I was given a gorgeous cozy sweater to wear at my iceberg desk and ate a yummy red velvet cake with the staff after school.

I am so overwhelmed by all the expressions of love. I feel like the most blessed person in the world. There is no way to express the depths of my gratitude, but I shall try. Just give me a few days to get my thank you notes in the mail. 😉

I really think my 50th decade may be my best yet!

What’s been your favorite birthday? Why? 

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