The Freedom of Art Journaling

There is such freedom in art journaling. Art and color have a way of leading the thought processes and freeing the feelings in a unique way. As I began this piece with a big black drippy blob, I thought about all the embarrassing things about me that make me feel unworthy. I smeared some pink, orange, and blue over the black, realizing as I did so, I try to be great at things,,,like a Super Sherrinda… in order to cover up all the yuck that makes me ashamed. I left some black here and there because in reality all those things are things I am working on. They cannot be covered up, Only through Jesus’ grace and mercy can those things disappear.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my need for applause. I’ve heard that the oldest of the family has a tendency to seek approval and need the verbal affirmation that others in the birth order don’t. Yes, I’m the oldest, and yes, I am learning that this is true of me….alas, still…at 50 years of age.

But I am learning that my worth is not bound up in what other’s think of me. God created me to be me. My calling is to live in love with the One who made me. To share that love. To express that love in what I do and what I say. He is the One and Only.

My worth come from the One who made me.
My worth comes from Jesus who gave His life to make me perfect in His sight.
My worth is in Him.

Ah, the freedom that comes from Jesus. There is nothing like it.

I am His.

I am loved.

I am enough.

7 responses to “The Freedom of Art Journaling”

  1. Wow! This is beautful, Sherrinda!


  2. Thanks so much Renee! Sometimes it is easy. Sometimes, not so much. This one just happened…I love it when that happens.


  3. Your page is so alive.


  4. Alive….I like that! Thank you, CJ!


  5. This is an incredible piece of art! I am right there with you – first born and really connecting with the me God created me to be in His Son. I really enjoyed your blog post!


  6. I love your art journal page, and such a great reminder that our worth is found in the Lord and not in what others think of us! Something I needed to see tonight :).


  7. I need this reminder on a daily basis, Shelley. I'm afraid I'm a life long learner. 😉 thanks so much for sharing!


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