The Fun Friday Five

I’m starting up the Friday Five posts where I talk about 5 things that make me happy, or I’m obsessed with, or new finds that make me smile. So here’s today’s Friday Five:

I’ve been seeing this all over Instagram and had to have the tools to make this happen. Seriously, it is the easiest, coolest thing ever. I purchased the Ranger Embossing Pen, Ranger Embossing Power, and a heat tool. Write something, sprinkle powder on, remove excess powder, then use the heat tool to heat your writing and BOOM!…you have a beautiful piece of lettering. I’m obsessed.

I’ve given myself a challenge for the rest of the year to read one non-fiction book and one fiction Audacious by Beth Moore. It is so good and so inspiring. I will do a book review when I’m finished. Here are some books that I purchased from when they were having a 90% off sale.  I don’t think I paid more than $2 for any books I bought. SCORE!!!!
book a month. I’ve gotten into a bad habit of watching Netfix ALL. THE. TIME. and I am going to start a new habit. Right now I am reading

Bible Journaling
I really love journaling in my Bible and making the Word of God come alive with color. It truly helps me meditate on scripture and facilitates memorization. Well, I would like to say that I have all my journaled verses memorized, but alas…I am 50 and things don’t stick like they used to.

I have been working on my garden some this year. My hope is that one day it will be an explosion of color, but right now, it is just a smattering of color.

Abstract Art
I bought a HUGE canvas on clearance a few months ago and I want to do something abstract with it, so I’ve been perusing the abstract art on Pinterest. Oh my goodness…such beauty! I know mine will never look like the stuff I’ve been seeing, but wow…such inspiration. Click on the links below the pictures to see more of these artists impressive work.

by Cody Hooper

by Klaus Fabry

2 responses to “The Fun Friday Five”

  1. Your garden is so pretty. I need to get out and clear weeds from mine


  2. Thanks! I've been working on it this year and trying to remember to water! I'm the worst at that.


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