Audacious Love

The non-fiction book I read for June was Audacious by Beth Moore. May I just say…”Wow”. This book stirred my soul and gave me a thirst and a hunger for more. You know how you get in a rut and are just going through life and everything is just gray? Then you glimpse a bit a color on the horizon, a vivid burst of warm color that drives you forward to bask in its beauty. Well, that was what this book did for me. It helped me see once again the rich love of God…audacious love….and reminded me of the audacious love I once had and have been missing.

“The love Jesus longs for is not just devotion. It’s also emotion. It’s not just volition. It is also affection. It is not just discipline. It is also passion. It’s not just routine. It is also romance. And not just for Christ’s sake but also for ours. Love is the catalyst. The holy cause and effect.”

Following Jesus isn’t just doing church. It’s a relationship. It’s a love for Him…and audacious love.

“The person you are when you love Jesus with everything in you – with your whole heart, soul, mind, and strength – is the real you. The brilliant you. The bring-it you. The breathtaking you. The born-for-this you. The person you were born to be crawls out of the shell of a heart cracked wide-open to the audacious love of Christ.”

I want to be the real me. The me that loves with audacious love…a love filled with vitality and verve.

“Every one of you who earnestly asks God to grant you a bold and daring answering-love for Jesus, marked by originality and verve, are going to receive it.”

All I need to do is ask…and keep asking. Loving Him passionately, audaciously, is His will for me and so he will definitely answer my prayer with a resounding YES!

Beth Moore has a beautiful way with words and this book is filled with beautiful word pictures that grab your heart!

“The sentences of our stories are meant to be penned from the inkwell of the supernatural.”

Who doesn’t want God’s supernatural power writing our story? We want His Spirit to be active and powerful in our everyday lives, helping us see Him at work around us and inviting us to join Him in His kingdom work.

If you are ready to have your heart re-charged and spurred on to love Jesus audaciously, then get Beth Moore’s book, Audacious, and savor each and every word. You won’t be sorry.

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