Fun Friday Five

Here is what I am into this week:

DIY Traveler’s Notebook

This is one of my projects to make for my summer break and I can hardly wait to get all the supplies to make one. No, I am not going to use it for a traveling notebook. I have several Moleskine journals that I use for prayers, taking notes of sermons, how the Spirit is moving, and I’m about to change up my Documented Life Project and use a Moleskine journal for the rest of the year (the format this year has been way to involved for a working woman and so I’m going to go old school in a Moleskine). So this “traveler’s notebook” will be a place where I can hold 3 journals all together.

Isn’t it pretty?  You Tube Tutorial on how to make one HERE.

This notebook can be purchased at Scrapipebre


I am on my 3 week summer break (I’m a secretary at an elementary school.) and so I like to do a little Netflix binge. My problem is I search and search and then have trouble making a decision. It is weird to have so many movies and shows at my fingertips and not seem to find something good. Any suggestions?


I am reading my fiction book of the month, The Traveller by Lynn Kurland.  I love her books, but seem to have trouble reading them on my Kindle. I have most of her full length paperbacks, but got this novella on my Kindle to read. I hope I meet my deadline of June 30!

Studying Scripture

I stumbled upon Kristin Schmucker in my Instagram feed and fell in love with her heart. She has an article on studying scripture that I thought was great! You can find it HERE.  I ordered one of her devotional guides and should be it in the mail soon! Yay!



I found a calligrapher that I just love! Her name is Amanda Arneill and I absolutely love her style. Her blog is informative, her shop is incredible,  her Instagram full of beauty, and she is a gracious lettering artist, offering up great information and help for those of us who struggle with learning the craft of lettering.

Calligraphy by Amanda Arneill

That’s what I’ve been into this week. I hope you have had a great week and have been captured by things around you that make you smile.


One response to “Fun Friday Five”

  1. Warehouse 13 and Merlin are two of my favorite shows. 🙂


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