Fun Friday Five

This week has been fun. A mixture of art, service, nature, and discovery. Here’s my obsessions for the week…

Hawk Sighting
My husband came in one afternoon saying there was a hawk on he property just behind our house. I grabbed my camera with the zoom lens and proceeded to snap pictures of a large hawk eating a bird. Ahem….it was rather gross and I am not sharing the gross pictures here! But my goodness, the hawk was pretty with it’s winds spread wide,and once he got scared when a branch caught on it’s foot and he scrambled to get loose. (I got a great shot of that!)


Bible Journaling
I love journaling in my Bible and am including some that I haven’t posted on social media. I love how meditating on the verse while journaling makes the word come alive for me.

Family Promise
Our church takes part in a ministry called Family Promise. It’s a ministry that help homeless families with children get back on their feet. Each church involved provides supper and a place for the family to sleep for a week at a time. Trundle beds are provided, as well as the bedding for them. During the day the families go to a Day Center where a social worker works with them to find jobs and permanent housing. The success rate is really high and most families graduate from the program in a couple of months. Because I work, I don’t provide meals, but my husband I and take a turn as an overnight host. We arrive at the church around 7 pm and sleep on trundle beds and make sure the families are up early to go to the day center around 6 am. It’s easy and it’s fun to get to know the sweet families in the program. Here’s a picture of the stained glass at the front of the sanctuary at the Oak Haven Methodist Church where we stayed this week. Beautiful, isn’t it?

I’m reading 5 Habits of a Woman who Doesn’t Quit by Nicki Koziarz. I tend to quit everything I put my hand to, so I thought this book would be good for me. And it is. The author has taken the life of Ruth and shows her habits of pushing through to completion. It’s been so interesting and I will share more about what I am learning at a later time.

Down Time
On my summer vacation, I am trying to make sure I take time to do nothing. So my daughter and I have been watching a new series on Netfix called The Shannara Chronicles. It’s a futuristic show that looks medievalish. Elves, gnomes, trolls….it’s pretty good!

I hope you have a great weekend!

4 responses to “Fun Friday Five”

  1. Hawks are magnificent. i never realized how big they are until a red-tail hawk landed in the front yard one time. He had swooped down to capture a chipmunk. Not a good day for the chipmunk. Beautiful stained glass window. And Himself and I just finished the Shanara Chronicles. We both read the series, well most of the series, a coouple of decades ago. Would have liked the Chronicles better if it wasn't written and acted by 'tweens.


  2. I bet the books were good and I am looking into checking them out of my library. šŸ™‚ And aren't hawks amazing? I didn't realize how big there were either. Up in the sky, they look big, but…woah…they are huge!


  3. Sherrinda, your photos of the hawk are awesome! I have such a fascination with them and rarely can get a good shot. Well Done! I'm swooning over your Bible journaling pages and your beautiful lettering. Such talent! What a great way for you and your husband to have an impact on homeless families and to be a light for them in a dark world. All around wonderful post! I toally enjoyed it. šŸ™‚


  4. Thanks, Mary! I was excited about getting such good pictures of the hawk and really surprised that it didn't fly away when I kept inching closer. šŸ™‚
    And YOU are the one with great writing! I absolutely love your lettering in your handmade journals. Just love it!


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