Trials, Faith, and Pushing Through

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You know it’s coming. It always does.

Things are going well and life seems to be rolling along with a smile on its face, but you know things are going to change. Good things can be happening…encouraging and uplifting things, and yet all it takes is one downer to make you lose sight of all the good and focus on that one depressing thing.

Discouragement hits you like a dump truck, piling the questions and doomsday
scenarios upon your head. Fear begins to leak into your soul and you wonder if you are really up for all this trouble again.

But Lord, I am following You. I’ve dedicated my life to being in Your service. Why does it have to be so hard?

You know the answer right? You’ve heard it preached. You’ve read it in the Bible. You’ve seen it played out in the lives of good people everywhere.

We are not promised an easy life. In fact, we are promised the opposite. Jesus says outright, “In this world you will have trouble.” (John 16:33)

Okay, so how do we deal with all this trouble?

We focus on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith. (Hebrews 12:2)

We remember that these troubles develop our character and refine us to become more like Jesus. (Romans 5:3-5)

We recognize that these trials help grow our faith. (1 Peter 1:6-7)

We thank the Lord that He gives us the strength we need to endure. (Philippians 4:13)

Good things to remember, don’t you think?

 I wrote this for me – to help me remember God is with me, loves me, and will never leave my side.

I feel better already.

What do you do to remind yourself of God’s presence in the midst of hardship?

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