Embracing the Holy Moment of Community

Photo by kyrasarin@pixabay.com

You know those times when you have planned, studied and prayed about a certain event and then God interrupts?

It’s when our best-laid plans get derailed and sent to a better destination.

It’s a holy moment.

That’s what happened yesterday in our Ladies’ Bible Study Class. We were going through the chapter, answering questions, and sharing our experiences with one another.

And then one sweet woman shared her struggle with being strong in a difficult season. We listened. We asked questions. We encouraged. We passed Kleenex. We hugged. And we prayed.

We experienced life in community.

God doesn’t promise us an easy life and every one of us experiences difficult times. But so often we put on a smile and say we are fine. We’re good, we say, when inside we are hurting…discouraged…depressed. We wear masks. We hide behind a smile. We keep it all to ourselves.

But life lived in emotional isolation is not part of God’s plan for us. Even Jesus had his circle of companions and modeled the art of friendship.

We need friends we can share with. We need people we can be real with. For when we are transparent, others are enabled to be genuine and free.

So when you are planning out your next event or study or whatever…allow room for God to interrupt.

Embrace the holy moment.

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