Creating a Sermon Notes Journal

I made another thing. I made a journal to take notes while listening to the sermon in church. Yes, I am one of those people … the ones who have to take notes to pay attention and retain what they hear. It’s okay. I own it. I don’t mind that I am a daydreamer when left to my own devices. But when I want to focus and learn, I take notes (and sometimes doodle). There is something about keeping my hands busy that focuses my mind and helps me retain what I learn.

I decided to include several things in the interior design. There is a place for the date, the speaker’s name, and the title of the sermon. There is a box to put the scripture reference or write out the verse. A large section for the notes spreads over to the second page – plenty of space in case you have a long-winded preacher (wink, wink). Then there is space for application of the message to your life, as well as space for any prayer requests you hear about.

This journal is pretty girly, as I’m sure you can see by the leafy vines I have as watermarks in various places. I may do one with a more neutral vibe, but I really don’t know of many men/guys who take notes. But then again, there may be women who want a toned down aesthetic.

I’ve been having fun making the reading journal, the prayer journal, and the sermon notes journal. There is something about creating that makes me happy.

Any ideas for what to make next?

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