Everyone knows I love writing. But I enjoy writing out my prayers and journaling. It’s a really more of a combination of the two. Typically, I begin journaling about how I’m feeling and what’s going on in life and it turns into a prayer. The thing about these journals is I want them to be pretty. I don’t want just an old composition book or a spiral bound notebook. I want something with color … something beautiful … something unique.

So I did another thing! Yeah, I know. I have a lot of new things I’m doing, but this is just one more thing I’m trying. I’m creating pretty, lined 6 x 9 journals to sell on Amazon. I’ve made some composition books too, so if you would rather have a bigger size, I have some cute (and weird) ones in the typical composition size.

Now these are not my original designs. I have found amazing backgrounds to purchase with a license to sell. But once I make enough money, I’m going to get a new iPad (mine is so old I can’t use an Apple Pencil with it!) and I will start creating my own designs. But for now, I am using other talented artists’ work.

Boho Journals
Celestial Journals
Retro Journals

You can go the the Journal Page here on my blog to view and click on the covers to purchase, or you can go to my page on Amazon to purchase. I have put all the lined journals and composition books under a pen name: Red Starling Press.

No pressure to purchase! I just wanted to show you what I was up to and why I’ve been so quiet on social media. 😉

Have a great day and a happy weekend!

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