Reading Challenge Woes

Y’all! I’m so behind on my 2018 Goodreads Reading Challenge. I knew I hadn’t read as much this year with all the strenuous editing of my soon-to-be-published book, but I didn’t realize how behind I was! Check out my full list HERE.

Reading Challenge

I’m not even halfway to my goal and I only have two months left!

Friends, I’m not going to make it.

I’m trying to be okay with that, as I hate not finishing a goal. But it happens.

I’m of the opinion that wallowing in guilt over not following through just keeps me tied in knots and fosters self-loathing. Well, that’s a bit extreme. I don’t hate myself, but I do disappoint myself with my lack of discipline at times.

So I choose grace over guilt.

I choose to celebrate progress instead. Let’s face it, progress on a goal means that there is forward movement. It means that I’m not stagnating! Woohoo!

So my encouragement to you is to keep moving forward. Take a step. Progress is something to celebrate.

What is it you will choose to celebrate progress over? 

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