I Won A Book!!

I am just so excited, because I just won my first book ever! I am new to writing and blogging, and have been searching for blogs that instruct and encourage beginners like me and found a GREAT one. It is Romance Writers on the Journey and it is a fabulous site with author interviews, book reviews, helpful articles, and links to other great sites.

The book I won is called Before The Season Ends by Linore Rose Burkard. It is an Inspirational Regency and I am just thrilled to get to read one of my favorite genres from a Christian perspective. I have read regency for many years because I love the balls, traditions, and romance of that era, as well as the relatively clean reads they are. I have continually looked in the Christian market for regency books, but have not found any until recently. I suppose this will be the up and coming genre in Christian fiction. Woohoo!

I was going to begin reading it today, but I have a Super Bowl party at my house and have much to do to prepare. I have it by my bed and ready to crack open as soon as I hit the sheets!

2 responses to “I Won A Book!!”

  1. Sherrinda,Congrats on winning Linore Rose Burkard’s debut novel, <>Before the Season Ends<>. Like you, I find it refreshing to read an inspirational Regency. Linore’s book wouldn’t be the same without the faith element, as you’ll see.Thanks for the kind words regarding Romance Writers on the Journey. One of the high points of running my blog is meeting other not-yet-published writers like you who are such talented, generous, amazing women (and a few brave men.)I look forward to getting to know you better. One day we may even get to meet in person, perhaps at a writers’ conference. I’d like that.Joy on the Journey,Keli


  2. Congratulations, Sherrinda!You should join the ACFWBOOKCLUB for lots of opportunities to win Christian books. From the first of the month to the twentieth, many members who have blog giveaways announce it on this listserv. If you’re not a member, but want to be, I think I have a quick link on my blog sidebar to join.I’m praying for you. I came through Seekerville to your blog.


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