Cranky Pants

I’ve been wearing my cranky pants the past few days and boy, are they uncomfortable. Seriously, I can’t seem to peel them off and can hardly breathe for how painful they’ve become.

I don’t know how I came to be wearing them. I don’t remember slipping them on. I just looked down a couple of days ago and there they were…loud, obnoxious, and so unfashionable.

Sigh…guys, I am just in a foul mood. In a funk. Depressed? Maybe a little. Irritable? To say the least! I don’t want to cook or clean. I don’t want to write (gasp!). I don’t even feel like reading! I know–totally shocking!
So, what’s a girl to do? Well, I’ve decided to NOT check my email and blog list in the mornings. It has gradually been encroaching on my “me and Jesus” time and that is soooo not good. I need to really seek and not just go through the motions of my time with Him.

Seek first the kingdom of God….. YES! Everything will fall into place. Peace will rule my heart. I will be at rest.

And I will be able to strip these cranky pants right off. I’ll make sure to put them in the dumpster where they belong!

9 responses to “Cranky Pants”

  1. that’s a great way to set boundaries for your time with God! i wish you the best of luck peeling those cranky pants off!


  2. Oh, great attitude! I think my blogging time is starting to take over too. Good luck!


  3. Good luck stripping! I’ve changed my attitude recently from Lord Give me… to Lord Make me your servant!


  4. Hi Sherrinda,
    What a great decision! It’s so hard to prioritize. There are so many things that are calling for our attention. Especially when we have limited time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and then cranky! Spending time with the Lord always seems to help put things back into perspective! I’ll be praying for you!


  5. good idea! Love the picture!lol


  6. Sherrinda, you’ve made a very wise decision! I find so much help in seeking Him, it’s truly amazing and miraculous.

    I’ll be praying for His peace and love to rip those cranky pants to shreds soon!


  7. Hi Sherrinda,

    Get a little rest. I get migraines, and I’ve learned that I get extremely cranky the day before one comes on. You might be getting sick or run down.

    And have some tea and cookies, too. Take care of yourself–especially when you’re cranky!

    Saying a little prayer for you…


  8. Dear Sherrinda:
    What a courageous lady you are!
    I have had to limit my blogging time, too. It kind of takes over, doesn’t it?
    God will honor you for this, and that’s a promise!


  9. Ladies, pardon me if I don’t comment to each one of you separately. Thanks for all your sweet comments, words of wisdom, cheers, and most importantly, prayers.

    I had a much better day today after a wonderful time with Him this morning. It set the tone for my day and I hope to stay on track and keep focused on the ONE thing.

    You ladies rock!


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