Featuring My Youngest

I’ve talked about two of my kids so far and felt it was time for the youngest, my baby. Why is it the youngest always stays young in a momma’s mind? This young man is now a teenager, 13, and at 5’10’ has passed me up in size. Well, maybe height, definitely not weight.

My youngest is a gentle soul, kind and compassionate. He never has needed a whole lot of correction. I don’t know if that is because he learned from his siblings what NOT to do, or if, after rearing 3 others, was just too tired. Who knows? But he has been an easy, non-complainer kid, who goes with the flow and takes whatever.

Being a teen, he is into video games, but has recently become an avid reader. (Yea!) He loves to play basketball and has developed some good skills and is really fun to watch.

He is one of those kids who is invited over and parents say he is one of the nicest kids ever. I’ve been told by parents that my son is the only one who can get along with their kids. Maybe that’s because he is unflappable and can take just about anything that comes his way. He can take it without retaliation. I know in time he will learn what to let go and what to take a stand on.

I am proud of this young man and who he is becoming. He has given his heart to the Lord and has many traits that ring of being a Christ follower and for that, I am thankful. May God continue to strengthen him and lead him. May the Lord provide good friendships that will help keep him on a good path.

And may God give me wisdom to lay out a path for him to see God more fully and fall completely in love with the One who holds him in the palm of His hand.

15 responses to “Featuring My Youngest”

  1. I love when you post blogs about your children, Sherrinda. What a special family you have! It makes me want to have more! Right now, with Brogan almost 7 months old, I have a fun time trying to figure out what he will be like as a toddler, a little boy, a teenager, and a man. He brings so much joy to our lives. Right now – the poor guy is sick. He’s got his first case of the pukies… he’s never had this before. 😦


  2. Kids are so much fun. Alot of work, but there is so much joy and fulfillment in the love and camaraderie. Poor little Brogan! The stomach flu is the worst with little ones…ah, the mess, the laundry! I pray it passes quickly.


  3. That’s so sweet, Sherrinda! Maybe it’s his personality, combined with birth order? My oldest is like that. Well, not unflappable, but he gets along great with other kids and doesn’t fight.
    With his brothers, it’s a whole different story. LOL

    You have such a special voice of a mother. I can hear the love and pride and it’s really wonderful to read that. 🙂 Your kids are blessed to have you for a mommy!


  4. Your youngest sounds like a fine fellow. How neat that he’s discovered the joy of reading.

    What a wonderful mom you are. I can feel your love as you write about your children. I hope they know how blessed they are to have you as their mother. 🙂


  5. What an awesome mom you are! And blessed with such a handsome boy too! Our children should be celebrated, thank you for this dear reminder.


  6. Jessica, I laughed when I read your comment, because my boys wrestle even as old as they are. Though now when they do it, I feel like the house is about to fall down! Boys will be boys….

    Keli,I was so excited when he started getting hooked on books. He had a summer reading project last summer with The Lightning Thief and was hooked!

    T. Anne, I hadn’t thought about this post as being a celebration, but are certainly right! They should be celebrated, and really, they should know we celebrate them and are proud of them. 😉


  7. Beautiful family–inside and out. Thanks for sharing Sherrinda. What a blessing!


  8. My oldest will be thirteen on the 22nd!

    Your son sounds like quite the young guy. It gives me hope that he’s gotten into reading later on–I hope that means there’s still hope for my two boys…


  9. Thanks, Jill. I dearly love them!

    Angela, I can’t tell you how excited I was when he started reading! All my kids have done that…waited until later to really become good readers. I think it just takes finding the “right” book that hooks them in. Thanks for stopping by!


  10. So nice you can relax and enjoy your youngest.

    Morgan Mandel


  11. Morgan, yes, by the time the youngest got here, I was a much more relaxed parent! That’s good and bad!! lol
    Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is great, btw, and what a unique job you have. How very interesting!


  12. Sherrinda:
    What a blessing to have such great kids! It’s sure a reflection on you as a mom.


  13. Jeanette, thank you for your vote of confidence, but actually it is a reflection of God’s grace and mercy! I’m so very blessed.


  14. What a handsome guy he is too!

    I’m a pastor’s wife and writer too. We have four kids. Enjoyed purusing your blog. Will look forward to getting to know you better.


  15. Hi Lynnette! I had to jump over to your website and loved it! What a beautiful place and of course, I had to subscribe to your blog! I love to hear of other pastor’s wives writing…makes me feel like part of a family, for some reason. 😉


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