I have good news and bad news and it all depends on if you like jury duty or not. I got dismissed. In fact, the whole entire panel got dismissed. After the lawyers struck the ones they didn’t want, there were not enough left for a trial. It was deemed a mistrial.

And it all took until 3:30 p.m. to get that finalized.

What a day. I have to say it was an interesting process and I learned alot. There were massive amounts of people in the jury pool. Hundreds. I was on the fourth panel and we had to walk three blocks to another building for the jury selection process. Did I mention I live in Texas where the highs are over 100 degrees this week? Lucky for me, it was only in the 90’s at 10 a.m. when I had to walk over there!

I was number 7 on the panel. Not such a good number when you are not wanting to be picked. I was sandwiched between two men in really close seats. Uncomfortable, you say? I would agree, especially after working up a sweat on the walk over.

Now, why is it so awkward to touch arms with people you don’t know? I had one guy on one side who apologized everytimes his arm brushed mine and then the other guy practically pinned my other arm down! Sigh…. I tried squeezing my arms in, but my muscles cramped up. Then I tried crossing my arms, but felt like I probably looked mad, so I finally gave in and let my one arm be pinned.

It is an interesting place, with interesting people. All shapes and sizes. All types of clothing and hair color. Different personalities, those that are awkward and those that are confident. I enjoyed looking at the reading material people brought. I only saw one romance novel, but I saw a Bible, a prayer book, and a Joyce Meyer book.

I’m sad to say I didn’t read my book. It was too crowded and things moved fairly fast. I had to pay attention a good portion of the day. So much so that I ended up getting a headache! I’m so not used to using my brain like that!

So, I did my civic duty. I offered myself up for a week of trial. (That is how long this trial would have lasted!) Hopefully, I won’t get called up again for quite some time.

Now, I have the week to do what I’ve been itching to do! REVISE & EDIT!

23 responses to “Dismissal”

  1. Whew! I think the day would have annoyed me! I hate all of the red tape of the government. Even if we're doing our duty, there is so much waste, especially of people's time. One hundred people had to lose a day of work, only to have a mistrial? See what I mean? But I'm really glad for you! This is your break! And you don't need it clogged up with something else! Happy editing!


  2. Bummer for the lawyers – but yay for you!! That would stink to spend a week of your summer break on a trial!! Happy editing and revising!


  3. Knock on wood VERY VERY HARD but I've never had to go to jury duty. You make it sound so… interesting? LOL Sounds like you got to view some interesting people… I always get the best book ideas when I'm people watching!

    Have fun editing and revising! 🙂


  4. What a cool experience! Sorry about the arms. Yuck!

    But now you're home, Miss Civic Servant. 🙂 Have fun with the WIP!


  5. Jody, I wasn't all that thrilled to be there, but I was soooo thankful not to spend my break doing it!

    Katie, I did feel sorry for the lawyers and the clients. It has to be frustrating for them, but given the situation, they need a bigger pool on the panel to avoid having a conflict of interest.

    Krista, it was EXTREMELY intersting to watch people and my mind goes crazy thinking of what kind of life they lead. Who knows, maybe I can use the experience some day!

    Jessica, lol…the arm thing was funny now that I look back at it. Personal space is such a funny thing. 😉


  6. Is it sad that I have always looked forward to Jury Duty? I think I've watched WAY too much Law and Order in my life time.

    Congrats on getting dismissed and good luck with the edits and revising.


  7. Oh, I'm sure it must have been an interesting experience, Sherrinda–I envy you. 😉

    Congratulations and best of luck. Keep us updated!


  8. My first thoughts about your day jumped immediately to how you described the people around you. Unfortunately, I've been in some doctors' and dentists' waiting rooms lately for longer than I wanted to be there, and I found myself doing potential character studies. I watch mannerisms and listen to the way people talk to each other. I've tried to make very boring situations interesting. I just hope those people didn't catch me staring at them. 🙂


  9. The way you described being pinched between those two men was so vivid. Maybe you can use it in a novel. 🙂


  10. Hi Sherrinda –

    Around here, you can get called every two years. At least if you get called again, you'll know what to expect.

    LOL! I'll bet that guy who pinned your arm will end up in a novel.

    Susan 🙂


  11. Wow! Thanks for sharing this. I've never been on Jury Duty, but I've always wanted to… just for the experience. Even if it sucked. I'm always fascinated by courtrooms. Go figure.

    You can put some of that experience to good use, right?


  12. Hurray, you're out. Sorry about the crunched atmosphere, though. I wouldn't care for that either.

    Happy revisions and editing, Sherrinda!


  13. Well, now you have some new characters for your books, right? Ha! Good for you!


  14. SOunds like a process to me:) I was picked once and it was only for a day so that was good–would not want to do a whole week!


  15. That's cool that you noticed what other people were reading while you were there. I got NOTHING done last time I went because it was so quick. The first pool of jurors to go into questioning, the second in the box to be questioned and the first to be sent home 😀


  16. Marybeth, it is not sad to say you want to serve! It was an interesting experience, though I don't relish the thought of doing it again.

    Weronika, don't worry! You'll get picked someday! 🙂

    Heather, isn't it fun to watch people? Sometimes I get embarrassed when I get caught staring! lol

    Erica, I'm sure the big guys on either side may some day end up written in one of my books! It was funny!

    Susan, every two years? Wow! I don't know how often it is here, but it has been a long time since I got call in.

    Lady Glam, I bet you would enjoy it! It was interesting and next time I won't be so nervous. I think the not knowing what was coming next was the hardest part!

    Eileen, I am soooo glad I don't have to go back! A week of trial was NOT my idea of a good summer break!

    Jill, Yay for new characters! I love getting a new ideas!

    Terri, you are lucky it was only one day, girl! I think that is fairly normal. I'm not sure why this trial was going to be so long!

    Cindy, Wow, You were sooo lucky for it to go so fast! I was in the 3rd panel and was number 7!!!! I was really lucky I got off!


  17. Ah, now you can check that off your list as a civic duty well done. 🙂


  18. Sherrinda:
    So glad that's over for you. And yippee that you can work on your revisions now! God is faithful.
    P.S. Way cool that you saw a Bible and a Joyce Meyer book– Jesus and Joyce are everywhere!


  19. Jennifer, I love being able to check things off! I am really glad to know what to expect the next time I get called.

    Jeanette, I had to laugh at your comment, because I only see Joyce Meyers in the hands of women. The guys carry the bible and the women carry Joyce! lol


  20. Well at least we can say it sounds like there is seating worse than an airplane's. Happy writing and revising.


  21. Sometimes experiencing new things helps us with our writing. It's easy to imagine the scene you describe between these men. Great job.


  22. Tara, it was definitely worse than airplane seating! lol

    Inspy for Writers, yes, you are definitely right! New experiences make for some new ideas in writing! 🙂


  23. Kudos to you for doing your duty and for turning your experience into such a fun tale. I hope your edit is going well.


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