Winds Ablowing

The sermon yesterday focused on Matthew 6 when Jesus fed the crowds and then sent the disciples across the lake while he went to the mountatin to pray. The disciples obeyed Jesus and then was up against the wind, slowing their journey across the lake until the 4th watch of the night…about 3 a.m. That had to have been some wind!

The preacher (okay, it’s hard to call my husband the preacher) related this passage to Moses. What, you say? Yes, God fed the Israelites: Jesus fed the multitudes. God told the Israelites to walk through the path he opened in the sea: Jesus told the disciples to cross the lake and meet him there.

Here is where the difference occurred. Later God told Moses he would not go with them for He was angry with them, but Moses told God unless His presence went with them, please do not send them. The disciples on the other hand went across the lake on their own. What would have happened if they insisted on staying with Jesus to pray? Or insisted Jesus go up with them? I wonder…

Those disciples got in the boat and crossed the lake. At Jesus’ command. But…the wind was against them. So much so that it took hours, and they were unsuccessful. It was 3 a.m. and they still had not reached the other side of the lake. The were distressed at seeing Jesus on the water. They were afraid.

Isn’t that just like us? We feel the call of God and go out in our own strength to do God’s work. We do not go in His presence. We do not go IN Jesus.

How many times have you stepped out after hearing God call, but came up against the wind? Are you going in His presence or are you doing things your way FOR him and not IN Him?

This is not to say that going with and in the presence of Jesus makes our way easy and free from struggle. On the contrary, we are not guaranteed a life of ease. We will always have wind come our way because of the world we live in.

But if we find ourselves getting caught up in the struggle and often feel defeated or afraid, we might look to see if we are relying on God or relying on our own strength.
I just love it when I feel like God has spoken to my heart!

12 responses to “Winds Ablowing”

  1. Wonderfully said, Sherrinda. I know what you mean by feeling God speaking to your heart. It's the absolute best feeling.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. That sounds like one great preacher!! 🙂 The message is one I need to remember! Thanks for sharing it! Hope you're adjusting well to your new church and starting to feel at home there.


  3. I love it when God speaks to me. He challenges me quite often (like now), but I'm starting to learn that I know I'm pushing forward IN Jesus when there is a calm over me even during the struggle. When I feel the whole world is against me, I'm usually trying to go it alone. It's so easy to “not bother” God when we think we can do it ourselves. But that's not what he wants, is it? He wants us to lean on him always. I like this preacher of yours – awesome post! Thanks for starting my day in the Word.

    By the way, Sherrrinda, I passed on an award to you, my well-deserving blogging buddy! Check it out on my blog today. 🙂


  4. Sherrinda: Thanks for sharing this. I think we all do it from time to time. We work for Jesus rather than hand in hand with Him.
    Please tell your hus. thank you for reminding us to obey.


  5. Lovely, lovely stuff, Sherrinda. You tell that preacher hubby of yours that it sounded like a wonderful sermon.

    THanks for sharing and thanks for the reminder. I always love that kind of stuff in the morning.


  6. Great post and very relatable. My preacher talked yesterday about feeding the multitude too–but more about how an ordinary person can make a difference. I think we can make a difference if we go with God and not alone.


  7. Great point and definitely something worth thinking about. Going with God instead of without really does make all the difference.


  8. Eileen, yes, it is the absolute best feeling in the world!

    Jody, I do rather like my preacher! I am getting settled in my church and feeling more at ease! Thanks! 🙂

    Heather!!!Thanks for the award! I am so honored!
    Like you, I know I am IN Jesus when I feel the calm in the midst of the storm. He wants us to bother Him, doesn't He? He wants us to cling to him!

    Jeanette, yes, I do this all the time…stepping out in my own strength! I sure wish I didn't always step back into my own self-sufficiency. (did I spell that right..or is it even a word?)

    Katie, morning is my best time for soaking in God's truth. I'm too dead at the end of the day! lol

    Terri, don't you love the idea of an ordinary person being able to accomplish much in the Kingdom? All with God's leading and presence!

    Kathryn, your post had a similar feel today! Stepping out in faith! We may not make the right decisions, but we are to follow Him. Go hand in hand with Him…it's the best way. Thanks for sharing!


  9. So true! How often have I known what God wanted me to do, then run out ahead of Him to accomplish it in my own strength?

    Thank you for the reminder. Coupled with the sermon I heard yesterday, I think God's trying to get my attention about something!


  10. Hi Sherrinda –

    Wonderful post! I've never thought about the disciples staying with Jesus instead of forging ahead without Him.

    My relationship with the Lord is a key element in maintaining creativity. Without His input, my writing well runs dry.

    Susan 🙂


  11. Sounds like an awesome sermon. I've never thought of it like that before.


  12. Congrats to everyone. I'm new around here so I'm getting to know everyone but I'm seeing a lot of the same people on these writing blogs so I think I've found a great group!


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