Accomplishing Goals

Goals are a funny thing to me. Sometimes I make goals and am fired up to meet those goals. Other times I make goals and fritter away my time and energy on other things and seem to avoid my goals like the plague. I haven’t figured out what the difference is yet, but I will.

Last week I made huge goals for myself. Huge for me, that is. My goal at work was to finish inputting all the data from the registration papers (from August). I know it’s been six weeks and you probably wonder why it’s not done, but when you factor a continual flow of kids coming in and moving out of the school, plus other urgent jobs of mine like report cards, finding dropouts, etc., you get behind in other things. Well I’m happy to say that I met my goal and it feels GREAT. So great that I took Friday off, which allowed me to accomplish another goal of mine.

I was able to write on my new story. So I only got five pages done, but it’s a start and sometimes that is the hardest part of the whole book…just getting started. I’ve now set a weekly goal of 2000 words. I know, it’s not a lofty goal, but working full time doesn’t give me a lot of extra energy in the evenings.

So I’m praying that I can stick to my goal and not avoid it. I can do it. I can. I will. And I will report in at a later date.

Are any of you out there goal setters? Do goals work for you?

20 responses to “Accomplishing Goals”

  1. Good for you Sherrinda! I agree – I think getting started is the hardest part!! Hoping you meet your goals!

    I am definitely a goal setter. My current goal is to have a hook, back cover blurb, and 1-page synopsis written for two potential story ideas by November 1st.


  2. Hurray for meeting your goals.

    I cannot live without them. I set weekly and daily ones, but not really longterm.


  3. Yay! So glad to hear that you've started a new story! I've been wondering how you've been doing with your writing and I'm encouraged to see that you're still pursuing your gift!

    And you can probably guess that I'm a goal setter! Right now I've given myself the goal of completing one chapter a day of my second rewrites. It's tough while I'm in it, but always feels good when I'm done!


  4. Even though I'm often goal oriented, I'm not sure they work for me. It depends on the urgency of meeting that goal, I guess. LOL Congrats on finishing up though! That's awesome. πŸ™‚


  5. Congratulations on meeting your goals! Here's to another successful week, one step at a time.


  6. Glad you did it! I seem to be good at small projects and goals but get overwhelmed by big ones. :O)


  7. Yay for setting and meeting goals! Congratulations on clearing the decks at work and for the start on the new story.

    I love goal setting. I love even more meeting and exceeding thsoe goals.


  8. Five pages is a lot–good job! I love setting goals, usually because I follow through, which means I can be really productive (as long as I set those goals in the first place).


  9. I'm great at setting goals, but I'm horrible at follow through. It's one of the things God and I are working on. lol…

    I hope you have another spectacular week meeting your goals. πŸ™‚


  10. I'm definitely a goal setter! I'm sort of ashamed that I don't have many concrete goals right now, though. Life is just sort of in flux for me, but I'm sure I'll get back into it soon!


  11. Way to go on those goals! I love the feeling of completing them. πŸ˜€

    I set a goal for me this week and I honestly think I might have made it a bit too lofty. I might have to extend it to two weeks instead of one. Depending on how many changes my story needs. Sigh. I will get it done though! πŸ™‚


  12. Congratulations on reaching your on-the-job goals so you could reward yourself by diving into a new story. Kudos on getting those first five pages written. I hope this new story brings you great joy.


  13. I made a new goal last week–to post on my blog at least once a week. I really want to do this… I miss y'all! :0)


  14. Congrats on meeting your goal!

    Once I get in the groove, I'm okay. It's getting started that's the problem!

    Susan πŸ™‚


  15. Katie, you have big goals, girl! Synopsis…*shiver*! πŸ˜‰

    MJ, I think smaller goals are easier than big ones, don't you?

    Jody! YES! I knew you were definitely a goal setter. And it is always so encouraging and inspiring. When I grow up I wanna be just like you!

    Jessica, I think I know what you mean! It sometimes depends on how urgent the goal is. Makes sense!

    CJ, thanks! And definitely ONE step at a time! lol

    Diane, I sure like small chunks of just about everything (well, except for chocolate). Everything is easier to handle in small doses.

    Erica, there is nothing better than meeting a goal…that feeling of accomplishment is soooo good!

    Cindy, yes, I can be productive when I have to be. The problem is sometimes I need some competition to make me move on my goals.

    Ralene!!! I'm there with ya. Depending on the goal, sometimes I'm good, but sometimes I run like the wind. Weird….I wonder if it is submission thing for me.

    Sarah, if you know you are a goal setter, then you will be back to it soon. Sometimes life just happens and we have to step away from things.

    Casey, I think that may be why I hate setting goals–I set them too high so that I'm always failing. 😦 Here's to obtainable goals!!!!

    Keli, so far it is a fun story to write. It is soooo out of my element, but I am liking it.

    Kristen, it's so good that you are back! We've missed you!

    Susan, why is it that it is so hard to start things? I put things off, then wonder why in the world I thought it was such on ordeal in the first place! lol


  16. That is AMAZING! Starts are for me the hardest (and finishes, which is where I am…gulp…now.)

    I love that you also set goals at work.

    You are AMAZING!!


  17. Goals don't always work for me. They're a nice idea, you know. I always have all these great ideas. I don't always get them done, unfortunately.


  18. Sherrinda – we must be on the same train of thought this week! LOL I am setting goals too – my goal is to edit 5 chapters a week on my current book. That should get it done by mid-November. Then I'm going to submit and start Book #2. πŸ™‚ Now … to actually ACCOMPLISH this! LOL

    GOOD FOR YOU, though. I'm so proud of you for keeping at it and you're an encouragement to me that as a fellow full-timer we CAN still write πŸ™‚


  19. Looks like someone lost their procrasti-pants!! Good luck on your goals.

    The few times I've set goals, I didn't met them more times than I did, so I usually just go with the flow and what gets done, gets done!


  20. I find it incredibly difficult to set goals and work full time. Near impossible. Good for you for trying. I do find setting a goal at least gives you something to shoot for.


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