The Crown of Eden & The Devil’s Mouth-Book Giveaway!

I’m so excited to announce that my father has finally published his books in ebook format. These two medieval fantasy novels, formerly published by Thomas Nelson and now out of print, are newly available as e-books on For some reason the cover image for The Devil’s Mouth does not display properly on Amazon. That is being fixed, but you can see it in its true form below. (My dad, previously the Art Director at Word, now Thomas Nelson, designed and painted the covers.)

********************************************************* Crown of Eden 

A beautiful young princess is betrothed by her father to an unknown prince in another land. When she meets the prince, she finds him spoiled, decadent, and filled with an inner darkness that makes him unfit to rule. At the same time, a young and powerful blacksmith’s son finds himself reluctantly embroiled in a great quest to fulfill an ancient prophecy he does not understand. He falls in love with a beautiful maiden who hides a tragic secret she cannot reveal. He finds that to wed her will undo the ancient prophecy and forever doom the empire of the Seven Kingdoms. The paths of the princess and the blacksmith cross, and both must choose whether to pursue their own hopes for happiness or bring a great evil upon the land. 

Price: $5.99
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This sequel to The Crown of Eden takes the reader back to the mythical world of the Seven Kingdoms with a compelling medieval story of freedom, justice, and forbidden love.
When political conspirators murder his father, Prince Lanson of Lochlaund flees for his life. He becomes the chivalrous protector of a beautiful tavern maid who is hiding from the moral condemnation of the powerful Lochlaund Kirk, a religious establishment ruled by a lecherous bishop which has a stranglehold on the kingdom. Ultimately Lanson must decide whether to give the woman over to the kirk’s legalistic justice or defy the kirk and save her life by wedding her—a choice which could lead to a holy war that would destroy either the kingdom or the kirk.

Price: $5.99
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What readers and reviewers have said about the originally published print edition of The Crown of Eden:
“Put Tom Williams up there with C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. His first book is a ‘great’ of the fantasy world.” —The Houston Chronicle
“Magnificent language, stunning imagery, and compelling symbolism . . . worthy of the most critical reader.” —Ellen Gunderson Traylor, author of Song of Abraham
“We are privileged to enjoy Tom’s skill with a story.” —Max Lucado
“Tom Williams has written a Tolkien-like fantasy in The Crown of Eden.” —Chicago Sun-Times
“Williams’s tale of the ongoing struggle between light and darkness carries a strong moral and religious message that makes this high fantasy adventure a good choice for libraries in search of Christian-oriented fantasy.” —Library Journal
“Williams delivers a romantic tale examining such topics as fate, free will, and the power of good and evil. Both fantasy and romance readers will enjoy this first adventure in the Seven Kingdoms Chronicles series.” —CBA Marketplace
 “A masterfully told fantasy comparable both in style and wisdom to the works of George Macdonald, C. S. Lewis, and J. R. R. Tolkien. The book is filled with spiritual truths and deals with a number of challenging issues on an allegorical level. It is a book to be read slowly, and to be savored.” —Christian Library Journal
“If you like fantasy, it will completely gratify your expectations. Brilliantly written!” —Emily Alger on
“My wife and I were overwhelmed by this book. I don’t know when I have enjoyed anything so much. Warning: once you start it you will find it hard to stop. I let several things go and read it over a couple of days. It’s a fine piece of work.” —Dr. Thomas A. Langford, Late Dean of the Graduate School, Texas Technological University
“An intriguing fantasy of love and adventure that takes place in a world of hidden identities, secret motivations, and the unfolding of a divine prophecy.” —Joseph Bentz, author of A Son Comes Home


Because I am so excited about these books, I am giving away a copy of The Crown of Eden to a lucky commenter. I will send the winner a “gift” from Amazon in ebook form. Please leave your spam-free email address to be entered for the random drawing, which will be held Sunday, June 17. Contest is open in the US and void where prohibited.Chances of winning are based on the number of entries and winner is drawn from a non–biased third party,

11 responses to “The Crown of Eden & The Devil’s Mouth-Book Giveaway!”

  1. That is SO cool, Sherrinda!!


  2. How fun to share about your father's books! Both sound excellent–and it's impressive that he's both a writer and an illustrator!


  3. This makes me wish I had an ereader. My BD is coming up…

    Congrats to your dad on such stunning reviews and cover art. How proud you must be of him!



  4. I love books set back in this era. How exciting for your dad!
    I appreciate the chance to win a copy. Thank you!



  5. So happy for you Dad! Love to see out of prints resurrected! 🙂


  6. I have the paperback versions. I need to crack those babies open. 🙂


  7. This comment has been removed by the author.


  8. So neat that you get to promote your father's books! I did a double-take when I saw that!


  9. Sherrinda, this is awesome! But I have a Nook… are they available on a Nook yet?


    I'm so excited about the coming changes in books/reading/e-readers. We are on the cusp of something huge…

    And fun! I'm so psyched that he did this! And that you're promoting it! Good for da bode o' youse!



  10. Sherrinda, this is so cool! Your dad's covers are fabulous! Congratulations to both of you!


  11. This IS awesome. GOTTA get copies for my boys. It sounds right up their alley 😉


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