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A nugget from last Sunday’s sermon has stayed with me all week. It had to do with the root word COURAGE. We all need courage in our lives. Courage to stand up against the evil one. Courage to take a step of faith wherever God is leading. Courage to do something we have never done before. Courage to live in joy in the midst of a world prone to burrow in the mud of politics and other worldly views.

But COURAGE is just the root word of a couple of other words that we deal with daily.

DISCOURAGEMENT – We have all dealt with discouragement. But let me tell you, Satan puts the DIS in discouragement. He is the one who steal our courage, instilling fear and doubt. He doesn’t want us to live boldly in this world. He was to rob us of a life of freedom in Jesus. He want to enslave us to fear and discouragement so that we are ineffective for God’s mission in this world.

ENCOURAGEMENT – There is nothing sweeter than encouragement from a friend. But the Holy Spirit is a friend that gives us encouragement like no other. The Holy Spirit is the one who fills us with COURAGE, giving us hope and a reason to live bold for Jesus. When we soak in His words, His teaching, His love, we can be filled to overflowing and have something to offer the world…the knowledge of Him who is able to immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine.

Friends, let’s be ENCOURAGED. Let’s let the Spirit of God fill us so that we have the COURAGE to live boldly for Jesus, becoming more like Him, spreading His love around to all we come in contact with. Let us throw off the devil and his schemes, letting DISCOURAGEMENT roll off our backs and not be entangled by fear that ensnares us in its grip.

Now go out and ENCOURAGE someone today. Someone out there needs you to be Jesus to them, sharing love and joy in the midst of discouragement.

7 responses to “The EN and DIS in COURAGE”

  1. Really great stuff, Sherrinda. I've realized more and more in these past couple years how much power encouragement holds in my own life–encouraging words or actions from someone else stay with me a looong time. I want to be that for others, too!


  2. Oh, I love it, Sherrinda! Last night I was feeling discouraged from the enemy – but the Holy Spirit stepped in and encouraged me with scripture – and your words are further encouragement to keep fighting the good fight of faith. Thank you.


  3. Awesome words today, Sherrinda! Encouragement is so needed in such a discouraging world we live in.

    Loved this post!


  4. Wow! As many times as I've dealt with discouragement or done my best to encourage others, I hadn't noticed the word hidden inside. I'm grabbing hold of this nugget, so I can remind myself to have courage when discouragement threatens to get me down.


  5. Coming in a little late, but what a great post. I needed to read this, this week. I have been so discouraged that my schedule has disconnected me from writing and I never thought it could be a tool of the enemy.


  6. Oh, I love how did that word play! What an uplifting post. Thanks so much!


  7. Thanks, Raquel. Glad it spoke to you.


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