You Are Not Your Mistakes

Who would have thought that the few verses in Genesis 1 outlining the history of creation would have such an impact how I should view myself and others. I was amazed by the insights brought out of the text during John’s sermon on Sunday.

In the beginning, God took a blank canvas and  created a masterpiece…the world and all that is in it. As Christians, we believe in a creative God who is still at work in the world. In accepting Jesus, we are a new creation, and God is at work in His people.

We must always remember that we were created in the image of God. We don’t need to fear what others think of us and our mistakes. We are more than our mistakes. We are loved by God and given His Spirit to live within us and transform us each and every day. We can stand firm knowing  that we are a new creation in Christ.

And here is part two of that thought: As believers, we are to look at others through the filter of God’s love for His creation. Every person you come in contact with is created by God. They are His masterpiece, even as you are. They are not the sum of their mistakes either. We must remember to look at others with eyes full of grace and mercy, showing the love of Christ to all.

Isn’t that awesome? What is really special is that on the way home from church I was listening to KLTY and a song I had never heard came on. This song spoke the words of the sermon beautifully. It is called You Are More by Tenth Avenue North. Take a listen and you will be blessed by it.

May you be blessed by the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.

Have a Marvelous Monday!

6 responses to “You Are Not Your Mistakes”

  1. Love! I was reading a book last night that was talking about not being your past mistake. And I love Tenth Avenue North. I've been listening to them since they were just on My Space…remember My Space? lol


  2. You are so insightful. I love these thoughts. It's so easy to fall into the habit to judge ourselves and others by our mistakes. Thank goodness, God doesn't.

    My Space? LOL! Funny how that's fallen off everyone's radar : )


  3. I LOVE that song and your thoughts here. Such an encouraging start to the morning!


  4. That was my first Tenth Avenue North song! Where have I been???


  5. Audra, it isn't me that is insightful. It is my husband…the preacher at my church! I was just sharing what God gave me. 😉


  6. Melissa, you are sweet. Glad it could be an encouragement!


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