My New Projects

So we were driving down the street and saw a table on the side of the road. It was nothing to write home about, but we stopped and put it in the back of the van. While my husband was stuffing it in, the owner came out and asked if we were interested in some other things. He had a horrible looking wood chair…which we took. He also had the coolest rocking chair EVER! Here is what we got:

The legs and sides are real wood, but the top is a veneer. That’s a shame, but it looks to be in pretty good condition. I think it will clean up nicely with some good paint.

Yeah…pretty ugly, but oh…think of the possibilities. It could be a crazy chair like this:
Okay, now for the best find ever…my rocking chair.

Isn’t it awesome? I have never covered a chair before so I am nervous, but I am researching and hope I can really make it really awesome. I’m so excited, because this will be my rocking chair. This will be my GRANDMA rocking chair!!! And no, I am not getting a grandchild anytime soon, but when I do…I will be ready.

So these are the things I will be working on in my spare time…which won’t be very often I’m afraid since I have a wedding to plan. It’s all good. This will be my de-stresser.

What do you do to de-stress? Do you exercise? Read? Watch movies? Craft? Give me some ideas!

5 responses to “My New Projects”

  1. OH my! You found awesome finds! I found a Buffet that way. I refinished it all shabby-chick! πŸ™‚ Can't wait to see what you do with them! And yeah, that rocking chair is fabulous!


  2. Jessica, I would LOVE to find a buffet! That would be thrilling, indeed. I have been seeing a lot about chalkboard paint and wax to redo furniture, so I may try something like that. Annie Sloan has video tutorials about it, so I'm thinking I could at least try it. πŸ™‚


  3. Yay for wonderful things on the side of the road. We've come home with a few finds. My husband is the best at finding things. Once he brought home a crib that was like new. Put it in our garage and a neighbor came over and said the crib was great, better shape than the one they were using for their son so he and my hubby carried it across the way to his place. They cleaned it up, threw their old one out and ole they had a new crib!
    Same with a great old coffee table he found. Cleaned it up and the kiddies used it for a coloring table, had a drawer for the crayons. Oh the ideas are endless for found things.
    Blessings, Barb
    Thanks for sharing this.


  4. Wow, B! What a great gift the baby crib was! I hope that some of our finds turn out that way too. πŸ™‚


  5. Wow! Great finds! When we go to the dump we call it going to the mall because we always find wood, wire and other stuff that we can use around farm.
    A wedding, eh? That sounds exciting and maybe a bit stressful… God's blessings on the soon to be wed pair!


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