The Scarred Body

Photo by luigi diamanti

Our society is obsessed with youth and the perfected body. Women devour anti-aging products, do hundreds of sit-ups to diminish that sagging middle, and lather on the tinted lotions for a sun-kissed glow. If you have money, you can even lift, tuck, and suction your way to the body you once had…er, kind of.

While we may strive for the perfect body here on earth, the Bible gives us hope for better body in the life to come….eternal life with the perfect body. Our body now is like a tent (2 Cor. 5:1-3). In heaven our bodies will be like Jesus’ body (Phil. 3:20-21).

We long for…hope for…a resurrected body that is perfect. We don’t want bald heads, stretch marks, cellulite, and long ear hairs (just to clarify, I do NOT have long ear hairs!). We don’t want the aches and pains that old age brings. We want a strong, healthy, good looking body, fit for the kingdom of God for all eternity. And we shall get it…with one exception.

The resurrected body is a wounded body…a scarred body.

After he arose from the grave, Jesus appeared to his disciples in bodily form. He showed them his scarred body…the marks from the nails in his hands and feet and the spear thrust in his side. He still had the scars. Yes, his wounds had healed, but he carried the scars even after death. Those scars are the badge of honor that spoke of his sacrifice for the world.

We, too, will carry scars into heaven. For the resurrected body is a wounded body. Healed, yes, but scarred for eternity. As Christians, we will have battle wounds. Every wound for the sake of Christ will heal and bear the mark forever.

The scars we bear, whether visible or invisible, become signs of grace and mercy. They are a reminder of God’s provision, His love, and His acceptance. They are the mark of triumph.

What scars will you carry with you? 

***Thank you, Chris Dowdy, for an excellent and thought provoking communion meditation during our worship gathering yesterday. Your words touched my heart.

2 responses to “The Scarred Body”

  1. Great thoughts for today. Especially since spring is here and driving us to notice our appearance. While we should not neglect the bodies God gave us, we also should not obsess over their appearance, robbing God of His intended glory. Thanks Sherrinda. Love your thoughts.


  2. Beautiful thoughts today. And I needed the encouragement. 🙂


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