Art Journal – Week 5 (Documented Life Project 2015)

Underpaper!!! I love the Documented Life Project challenge this week. Underpaper looks better than than what I try to do on PURPOSE! So to incorporate it into a journal spread just made my day.

I decided to spread around some beige and blue watered down acrylic to give a little background to the underpaper I was using. Then I tore some pieces of the underpaper and glued them down. I used stabilo pencil in places and spread it around with a waterbrush.

I am going to mesh the Documented Life Project with the His Kingdom Come “Take Me Deeper” study. This will keep me sane since I work full time and don’t have enough time to do many different projects. So in this spread, I added the scripture from my study…Philippians 2:15.

I like the messy look of these pages, as well as the white space. I thought it was a better balance than what I usually do.

Watered down paint in the background and underpaper glued in. 

This underpaper is so awesome! 

Have a fabulous day!

One response to “Art Journal – Week 5 (Documented Life Project 2015)”

  1. What is the paper you use for your under paper? A mixed media paper?


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