Being Brave…the ongoing saga

My word for the year is BRAVE and it is rather funny to me what kinds of things I consider brave. Here are a few things that have caused me to gather my courage and just “do it”.

1.  Open up a bank account for my business venture. I consider this brave because it makes it real. There will be tangible evidence of whether this venture is truly profitable or not. Plus, I had to stand in line to wait…I hate crowds.

2.  Try something new for my Etsy shop. I don’t know what possessed me to purchase these mini canvases. I mean really….who in the world would buy a 2×2 canvas? But they were cute and I thought I could make them look good. (Here they are in stage one, with just some paint on them.)

3. Finding a way to correct a mistake.  I totally flubbed up the writing on a journal, so I decided to cover it up with a gelli print. I thought I would just keep it, but I think I will be brave an put it in the shop.

4. Taking custom orders in the shop. It is so much easier to just put stuff in the shop and sell it. It is a whole different ballgame to do custom orders. What if I do a mock up and they don’t like it? What if I can’t please them? What if I am not talented enough to do what they are asking? See? It takes a ton of courage to do something that challenges your creativity.

So that is how I am being brave lately. How are you gathering up courage to be BRAVE this week?

One response to “Being Brave…the ongoing saga”

  1. This post makes me excited! I checked out your shop and started to follow. I opened my own shop and am gathering my tools to take custom orders, and it terrifies me!!!
    I definitely support your bravery, and I wish you luck!


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